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HTC One M9 Plus Review: One M9 is really better?

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HTC One M9 Plus Review: One M9 is really better?

HTC One M9 Plus, introduction and technical specifications

It was the month of March 2013 when HTC, strong of a past leader in smartphones, announcing One M7. With a beautiful body in aluminum unibody, the Taiwanese were basically the only ones to offer an alternative to the iPhone on the solid ground of pure design. After a year he tried again with HTC One M8, with a design similar but more refined and the same sound system in stereo with two speakers of 2W RMS over. On a technical level as well as on that of the stylistic choices HTC offered the best available on the square with regard to the green robot platform.

The two smartphones were not yet free from defects. The company tried to focus a lot on the reality: the software interface was refined and without many frills, rear camera sensor 4 "miserable" megapixels. In an industry where the challenges you face often to the sound of numbers HTC has found itself competing with competing devices with cameras on paper much more defined. Admittedly, the choice of sensor Ultrapixel was a bit 'too forced: okay prioritize the brightness on the detail of the shot, but the approach of HTC was in that case too extreme to be understood and supported by the mass audience.

HTC One M9 Plus hack

The Taiwanese ran for cover well with hack HTC One M9, a device on paper unexceptionable: design once again sober, attention to detail at the highest levels, finally 20 megapixel camera. Again we found ourselves in front of a sensor not up to the direct competition, but the real weakness of the flagship Taiwanese came from unfortunate hardware platform. HTC One M9 incorporates the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, an octa-core configuration big.LITTLE difficult to tame. To do so the company had to interact with the software side, preventing excessive overheating but compromising the performance level of the device.

In recent years, hack HTC has had to deal with an unpleasant financial situation, with very exciting results from quarter to quarter repeated over time. All while throwing on the market some of the best high-end devices ever, mistakenly putting into the background at the lower end, but not least, the market.

HTC One M9 + is whether we want a revised and corrected version of One M9, can improve the younger brother of many of the most sensitive. Change especially the processor: the Snapdragon 810 makes room for a more powerful MT6795T MediaTek, also known as Helio X10, capable of exploiting all eight integrated cores simultaneously. The processor integrates Chinese in fact eight units of calculation Cortex-A53 to 2.16GHz with full support for 64-bit. The processor is supported by a quantity of 3 gigabytes of system memory and a GPU PowerVR Rogue series model G6200. But the news does not end here.

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